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Asaf Shalem

Born in Israel 1979, Asaf spent most of his life in Ramat Hasharon a little town along the coastline of Israel.
Influenced by his brother's love for surfing and 60's-70's music Asaf found himself at the age of 14 getting involve passionately with the ocean. He used the sounds of his heart to teach himself how to sing and play the guitar while finding different spirits to guide him on his path.

Asaf is mainly known for his two musical projects, 'Sing Song Soon' and 'Malca Baya', two great bands known in the Israeli music scene. Asaf has also produced assorted music events.

Asaf believes in the rhythm of life and tries to implement it in everything he does. Love drives Asaf and experience in that has made him who he is today. He also thinks of Mexico as a powerful place where he found magic.

Asaf finds himself disconnected from the Middle-east and wants to be able to connect to it more in the future. For Asaf, making music in Israel is difficult since it demands that he be involved in many different things at the same time. It is a full time occupation, leaving him little time to actually make music.

At the moment Asaf is launching a second album with his band 'Malca Baya', he is full of hope and wants to succeed with this band in a global and universal way.

Asaf's motto: the past, present and the future are always connected and once you take off your physical mask you will be able to experience and enjoy the now.

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